How much is shipping?

We ship worldwide from London, UK using a fast and reliable courier service. 

UK Delivery:
Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $30 for any quantity. 

US, Canada, Australia & Worldwide Delivery:
Priority Air Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $69 for any quantity. 


What's the pricing & minimum order?

The minimum order is 50pcs. 
As you go up in quantity, the price comes down per piece as follows:

50 Vinyl CDs: $400
75 Vinyl CDs: $525
100 Vinyl CDs: $600
150 Vinyl CDs: $750
200 Vinyl CDs: $900
250 Vinyl CDs: $1050
300 Vinyl CDs: $1200

All prices include the record-style sleeves free of charge.


Can you record music onto the Vinyl CDs?

The discs are normally provided blank you to burn your own tracks as you please, but if you like we can record the music onto the discs for you. The cost of recording is just an extra $1 per disc.


Can I order just a few?

On average, customers will order 100-200 of these for their wedding or special event. Due to the high production cost of these Vinyl CDs, we are unable to ship orders under 50 pcs. 
But we're sure you'll love them!


Can you also print the cardboard sleeve?

We find that the simple blank sleeve feels just right as it is.
But yes, if you want it, we can print the cover if needed (for an extra $4 per sleeve).
Another great alternative is to stamp each sleeve with your wedding stamp.
Or even seal up each vinyl sleeve with a colorful label to match your wedding.


Is it possible to order just the printed center labels?

Sure. We can do this, as long as you order 100 or more. 
The pricing for just the printed labels themselves is 50% of the normal item price.  
Just get in touch if this is something you would like us to arrange.


How long does delivery take?

Once the final layout is agreed and payment has been received, production and delivery will be around two weeks. (Production four days & delivery six days).  We can usually accommodate rush orders if needed. 


Is the text customizable on the labels?

Yes! The current editable text on each Vintage Vinyl CD is listed below. And in brackets, the maximum characters we could comfortably fit in the space if you were to make a custom order:


GETTIN’HITCHED (14 Characters max)
RECORDS (16 Characters max)
A SPECIAL SELECTION BY (26 Characters max)
THE BRIDE & GROOM (24 Characters max) 


GREATEST HITS (20 Characters max)
BALL&CHAIN (14 Characters max)
RECORDS (16 Characters max)
AS SELECTED BY (26 Characters max)
THE BRIDE & GROOM (24 Characters max) 


BRIDE&GROOM (14 Characters max)
A SPECIAL RECORDING (24 Characters max)
A SPECIAL SELECTION BY (26 Characters max) 
{INSERT NAMES HERE}  (24 Characters max) 


Can I create my own custom design from scratch?

Absolutely, we've created a Photoshop template so you can create your own custom design.
You can download the PSD from our site here.


I have another question.

Sure! Just send us a message using the contact link below. We'll be glad to help out.